Natural Backyard Ponds

Ponds are wonderful additions to your yard or garden. The beauty of natural stones and plant life, along with the peaceful sounds of rushing water, immediately transport you back to nature without ever leaving your home. When installed correctly, the rock, boulder, and plant design look completely natural. The waterfall circulates the water and adds a wonderful, soothing and relaxing sound.

Landscape Design with Natural Backyard Ponds

We create customized pond designs, as well as streams, to enhance your home and backyard for years to come. Each pond and waterfall design is made custom to its area and blends in naturally with its environment. The many ponds we’ve installed over the years are designed to appear and operate identically to natural bodies of water, transporting you back to nature and into a relaxing bliss.

We also design and install a variety of beautiful, top quality water features. Our pond maintenance is also relatively easy and affordable. You may add koi fish, turtles and aquatic plants to your pond, as these too require minimal maintenance and live easily in our pond installations.

Components Make a Natural Pond

Steps to Make a Backyard Pond Look Natural

Step 1: The first step in constructing a koi pond is to determine the size and shape or the pond. It’s important to factor the size of your yard, the number of fish you plan to keep, the best viewing perspectives, avoiding run-off from roof, and areas that may provide shade and/or cover from above.

Step 2: Mark pond area, place skimmer and filter-falls

Step 3: Lay plumbing, hook up filter-falls, excavate pond.

Step 4: Install liner and underlaymet.

Step 5: Hook up skimmer and rock pond.

Step 6: Position underwater lights and install plant.

Step 7: Wash/rinse pond or debris and dirt.

Step 8. Fill pond.

Step 9: BuIld waterfall and stream.

Step 10: Trim liner so that no plastic/rubber or mechanical
components are visible.

Step 11: Clean up and perform guided walk-through to show clients how their pond works.

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