Nestled atop Olive Hill in the heart of Los Angeles, California, Barnsdall Art Park stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant arts scene and cultural heritage. Founded by oil heiress and arts patron Aline Barnsdall in the early 20th century, this iconic park serves as a hub for creativity, education, and community engagement, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of art, architecture, and nature. See more here.

Aline Barnsdall’s Vision

The history of Barnsdall Art Park is intertwined with the vision of its founder, Aline Barnsdall, a passionate advocate for the arts and progressive ideals. Inspired by the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement, Barnsdall sought to create a utopian community where artists could live, work, and collaborate in harmony with nature. In 1919, she commissioned renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design the iconic Hollyhock House as the centerpiece of her ambitious artistic enclave. Read about Exploring the Frontier of American History: The Autry Museum of the American West here.

Hollyhock House: A Masterpiece of Modern Architecture

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in his signature Prairie School style, Hollyhock House stands as a masterpiece of modern architecture and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Named for the stylized hollyhock motifs that adorn its exterior, the house embodies Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Today, visitors can explore the interior of Hollyhock House and marvel at its innovative design, which features open-plan living spaces, intricate art glass windows, and custom-built furnishings.

Cultural and Educational Programming

Barnsdall Art Park offers a diverse array of cultural and educational programming designed to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds. From art classes and workshops to gallery exhibitions and live performances, the park provides opportunities for creative expression and enrichment. Additionally, the Junior Arts Center offers free art classes for children and families, fostering a love of creativity and exploration from a young age.

Community Engagement and Events

As a beloved cultural destination within the city of Los Angeles, Barnsdall Art Park serves as a gathering place for local residents, artists, and visitors alike. Throughout the year, the park hosts a variety of community events, including outdoor concerts, film screenings, and art festivals, which celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of the city. These events provide opportunities for socializing, networking, and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among attendees.

Preservation and Stewardship

In recent years, Barnsdall Art Park has undergone extensive restoration and preservation efforts to ensure the longevity of its historic structures and cultural assets. The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, in collaboration with the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation and other community partners, is committed to safeguarding the park’s architectural heritage and natural beauty for future generations to enjoy. Through ongoing maintenance, conservation, and public engagement initiatives, the park continues to thrive as a vibrant cultural hub within the city.


Barnsdall Art Park stands as a beacon of creativity, culture, and community in the heart of Los Angeles. From its iconic architecture and rich history to its dynamic programming and scenic vistas, the park offers a wealth of experiences for visitors to enjoy. As a cherished cultural institution and gathering place for artists and art enthusiasts alike, Barnsdall Art Park remains dedicated to preserving its legacy and inspiring future generations to explore the transformative power of art and creativity.