KOI Ponds

Having a koi pond is not as simple as adding fish to an existing water feature. In order to thrive, koi need a specific ecosystem. A combination of oxygenating plants, and a vitamin-rich diet and filtrating water will keep your koi happy and healthy. Additionally, a controlled amount of algae is also vital to fish health. While too much algae can pose a problem, a balanced amount is vital for your koi’s health as well as the overall pond. Algae is beneficial as a nutritious food source for fish, especially baby fish, as well as oxygenates the water. With a naturally balanced aquatic garden design, algae is kept at optimal levels, providing food and oxygen to fish, while still preventing algae from running rampant.

Protecting your Koi against potential predators is also vital. Adding plants that provide shelter for the fish to hide as well as rock out cropping will protect them from bird attacks. 

The best way to protect your fish from environmental and predatorily dangers is to get your pond constructed properly from the start. We have built thousands of koi habitats across the Los Angeles area. Give us a call today to get your koi questions answered. 

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