Landscaping, Bringing Out the Best in Los Angeles Yards Since 2003

No matter the shape or size of your yard, there are options to bring out its beauty and increase its function. 


Landscaping breathes new life into outdoor spaces. It combines existing elements in your yard with possibilities that help enhance your life quality. 


Whether it’s an unused corner in your yard or a sprawling space, the best landscaping ideas can transform them into a visually-pleasing, lifestyle-accommodating spot. 


As a professional landscape design company, Lunaquatic takes a careful look at your needs, wants, and budget to customize your yard. 


We work closely with clients to ensure that each project we handle allows for a return on investment - low-maintenance, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Landscaping projects that stand the test of time, all at a competitive price


Every owner has different goals for their yard and property, in general. 


We recognize these differences and ensure to develop plans to complement your ideas. All the while providing practical and realistic input based on our industry experience.


What trees and shrubs should I plant? Which native plants are easy to care for? Where in my yard should I put flower beds? Can we also install a water feature in our yard? How do we start a vegetable garden?


Let’s extend your living room outdoors. Unused, unnoticed, uninspired areas in your yard can become the most functional, complimented, and envy-inducing features of your home. 


Increasing your property’s curb appeal doesn’t always have to include all the latest trends unless they’re also the most suitable for your vision. 


Our team here at Lunaquatic designs and builds landscapes you’ll cherish today, tomorrow, and for many years. No project is too small. We provide you with quality customer service even after project completion.


Let’s work together to create a yard design that works for your time and budget. 


Your very own recreational space in your yard

Have you ever redecorated the interior areas of your home and marveled at the results in disbelief? Together, we can make the same improvements to your outdoor living space. 


From koi or fish ponds to water features, hardscaping such as fire pits and retaining walls, to landscape lighting - let’s look into potential elements that can turn your yard into an instant recreational space.


You’ve been looking at your neighbor’s gorgeous yard for years, hoping to achieve the same for your property. It’s time to make yours shine without breaking the bank. 


Custom pond builder and landscape design professionals in Los Angeles

Communication, transparency, and honesty are at the core of our practice. We’re landscape design professionals but, at the same time, are family members first. Rest assured that your project is treated with the utmost care as though we’re doing it for our yard.