outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting plays an integral part in the usability of your space. Without it, your space will look unfinished and can be potentially hazardous to walk through at night. 

Proper lighting will enhance your landscaping as well as enable you to enjoy your space well into the night. 

The most crucial areas to add lighting to are high traffic areas such as the pathway to your front or back door, any changes in elevation your space might have such as steps and near water features such as ponds, fountains or pools. 

Depending on your yard, landscape lighting can range from a simple system of 10-15 lights to an all-encompassing lighting package including step lights, scones and pathway lights. Due to the automated timer transformer, landscape lighting is hassle-free and will turn on and off without you having to lift a finger. 

Landscape lighting also comes in a variety of styles so they can blend into your home’s design style.  

Types of outdoor lighting