Fountains come in many different design styles and can  seamlessly blend to any aesthetic. From ultra-modern to  traditional, there are many variety of fountains to choose from.  Fountains are also the most economical option for adding a water  feature to your space. They can be used to add a focal point to an  existing water feature or be be installed on its own. Fountains  provide a relaxing soundscape to your outdoor space and can  cover up street or city noise. 


Fountains use up little water and can be more economical when  paired with drought-tolerant landscaping. Solar-powered fountains  are also becoming more popular and are a great option for a  Southern California home.

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Water Gardens

Water gardens take outdoor water features a step further. This  design style emphasizes the natural beauty of a pond in nature,  recreating the delicate ecosystem that naturally forms. Water  gardens, when done right, should be able to grow and thrive with  little human intervention. 

Water gardens, otherwise known as aquatic gardens or garden ponds, are designed to have a variety of plant life that naturally  creates a healthier water quality. By absorbing nutrients in the  water and filtering sunlight, aquatic plants prevent excessive  algae buildup.  

Water gardens can add a level of artistry to any home.


Water Walls

Water walls are a type of modern fountain that take up very little  space but have a big impact. Water walls are a low maintenance  alternative to a standard water feature. Water walls can be  purchased prefabricated or fully customized. Water wall fountains  can be constructed from a variety of materials to blend with the  style of your home. 


Water walls can be installed along the border of your property to  add some privacy to your space. They can also add height to your  landscaping to draw the focal point upwards. Water walls are also  a great tool to guide walkways and hide any unsightly mechanical  boxes from view.